Why Glulam?

Glulam is used in many different types of construction.  It has a long standing reputation for use in houses, schools and industrial buildings but has become increasingly popular in other structures such as churches, bridges and chemical storage facilities.  Glulam is also used in climbing frames and playgrounds.

Glulam is a beautiful and flexible material formed with a number of timber strips which are glued together.  It is suitable for a wide range of uses from individual support beams to full framed structures.

The familiar qualities of timber are also characteristic of Glulam.  It is equally as inviting, warm and genuine as the raw material it is made from.  Timber has, along with other natural materials, recovered its popularity in modern building practice.

When used in supporting structures, Glulam provides both strength and aesthetic properties. It can be made to suit unique forms – straight or curved, large or small.

The natural colours help create a brightness to the building and a mild contrast with other natural materials, thus helping to provide a pleasant living or working environment.

Modern Glulam technology, when used in the correct environment, makes Glulam a long life-span, high quality construction material with unique properties.