Malleable and adaptable

Glulam is malleable

As Glulam is made by bonding thin, flexible lamella it can easily be manufactured in curved shapes.  This is perfect for forming arches and frames.  Optimising this method can often lead to a saving in timber volume as well as producing attractive Architectural solutions.

Even with standard beams, it is possible to exploit the lamella flexibility and introduce a pre-camber.  This is done by adding forming pieces to the press during curing.  It is a simple and inexpensive solution that can help the designer minimise the depth of beam required.

Glulam is adaptable

Glulam can be manufactured to any required dimension.  It is, however, most economical to select a beam height that corresponds to multiples of the thickness of the individual lamella.

As Glulam can be easily cut to shape, it is possible to adapt them to your needs.  As an example, where there are high loads the central depth of the beams can be maintained, leaving a flat ceiling line, whilst the top edge is cut to suit the roof slope, as in duo-pitched and mono-pitched beams.

Glulam is easy to assemble

Glulam can be cut on site, as traditional timber is, and making small adjustments is relatively easy.  It is, however, often an advantage to allow Lilleheden to pre-machine the beams so they are ready for assembly when delivered to site.  This leads to short installation periods on site.