Conditions for use of BeamCalc



BeamCalc (the Programme) is a free tool which is provided for the calculation of dimensions of beams and related information. The Programme   is for general informative purposes only and at the user’s own risk. We aim to provide correct information, formulas, calculation tool etc. Due to a number of reasons beyond our control: such as incorrect setup of computer, frequent changes and development of product, design, materials, laws, standards and instructions,  errors may occur or cause delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the information or the results generated. The Programme may be changed without prior notice.

Lilleheden A/S disclaims any liability as far as possible no matter the reason concerning the accuracy of information and results or any unintentional effects as a result of using the Programme.

Should the customer want to secure against errors etc., we recommend that the customer contacts Lilleheden A/S directly or instructs an external engineer independently. Lilleheden A/S will in such instance only be responsible for the accuracy of the information delivered in line with its reply in writing to the said customer. No third party may rely on the reply.

We also refer you to our general terms and conditions of sales and delivery. All programs for calculation on Lilleheden A/S’s webpage are the property of Lilleheden A/S and as such may not be copied.