Glulam Columns

Lilleheden provides glulam for columns of strength class GL30c produced to EN14080:2013.

Columns are used in many types of construction.  Using Glulam columns brings a part of nature into the building.  It is becoming more and more common to use circular columns in residential housing.

Previously, Lilleheden produced round columns on a lathe which was an elaborate and time-consuming process.  This production method was of course to influence the price.

Lilleheden currently produces circular columns in a Kehler machine, which was specially built for this purpose.  There are only a few examples of this type of machine in the world, the first of which was delivered to Lilleheden.  The highly efficient production method means that Lilleheden glulam columns have become more competitive.

Standard dimensions in Whitewood

Width x height and diameter in mm.

Square        Round
90 x 90
100 x 100
115 x 115      Ø 115
140 x 140      Ø 140
160 x 160      Ø 160
190 x 190      Ø 190
200 x 200      Ø 200

If you require other dimensions – please contact us at and we will find a solution.