Glulam Split Beams

Lilleheden split beams are produced in widths of 42 to 80mm, being split from wider section beams. They come in depths to a maximum of eight times the width, in accordance with EN 14080:2013.

Typically used as rafters, these beams meet growing demands for increased insulation thickness.

Economic benefit

Split beams strength can contribute to an improved overall economy.  Due to the high load bearing capacity compared to raw timber, it can lead to increased setting out dimensions, saving not only material content but reducing installation time.


Using timber for optimum CO┬▓ accounting.

Dimensional stability

Due to the beam structure with glued spruce lamella and controlled moisture content of around 12%, using GLS ensures improved straightness and dimensional stability. This can contribute to an improved quality of construction and faster installation than traditional strength timber rafters.