Like other building materials Glulam is covered by a common European standard in the form of CE marking. This replaces the individual national standards in member countries.

CE marking of glued laminated timber can be equated with all other CE markings - an easily recognisable mark of quality which guarantees that the product meets all applicable rules with regard to strength and quality.

CE marked glulam is made to meet European grades detailed in EN 14080: 2013.  These grades replace differing grades produced under individual national codes.  Building designers can, therefore, design with confidence that all GL grades will meet their design requirements.

In the UK, it is now a requirement that for structures designed to ‘Euro-codes’ then CE marked material where such a covering code exists.   

In order to CE mark Glulam it must be produced in accordance with EN 14080 and a number of underlying standards. This means an increase in order to ensure the product achieves a more consistent quality and provides greater security against faulty products. Under the control of third party certification it ensures manufacturers production process and product meets the following:

1. Quality control throughout the production process.

2. Verifies consistency between the beam structure and beam strength, by calculations and laboratory tests.

3. Additional certification for the right to produce large finger jointed frames, proven by laboratory tests.

4. Resistance level to biodegradation.

5. Use of approved glues

6. Reaction to fire.

7. Low formaldehyde evaporation (indoor / security).

8. Declarations of Conformity.

9. Comprehensive quality control.

10. CE marking on product