Why glulam

Wood is from natures hand one of the worlds strongest natural ressources. Simultanously wood is the worlds most environmental sustainable building material. The same qualities apply when it comes to glulam, which makes glulam a popular choice in construction. 

Where is the raw material coming from?
At Lilleheden we value environment and climate. Our glulam is produced from spruce from sawmills in the north of Sweden, where sustainable and responsible foresting is high priority. Our raw material grows in north Scandinavia's cool climate, which good growth conditions help make glulam one of the strongest materials.

How is glulam manufactured?
Glulam consists of glued wooden lamellas of approx. 33 - 45 millimetres. We use melamine adhesive, which is waterproof and weatherproof. The glulam is produced at our production facilities in Hirtshals in the north of Denmark. At our production line we are able to manufacture cross sections with larger widths and lengths up til 40 metres. 

Which advantages does glulam have?
Glulam has many advantages, among which sustainability, flexibility, strength, weight and insulation capacity are foremost.


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